Manufacturing Cooling Solutions

A predicted annual output of £183 billion, the UK remains one of the largest manufacturing nations in the world. Since the announcement’s of BREXIT the UK Manufacturing Sector is expected to continue growing faster than any other sector. Factories need to overachieve and expand while reducing energy consumption and de-carbonizing.

Furnace Cooling Solutions

Furnace cooling is a critical operation and requires precise measurements to correctly cool the load. To prevent overheating or failure regular shutdown work is required. A well engineered temporary cooing system can reduce the period of time required to get the furnace down to a workable temperature.

Bio Gas Manufacture

The process of anaerobic digestion is very much like the human digestive system, replicated using machinery. The process requires heat, cooling and power and can produce large amounts of exportable Gas that is blended and introduced into the gas network generating profit for the operator. Without the cooling element the bacteria inside the silos can overheat and kill themselves off, destroying the process so it is important that a stable temperature is maintained throughout.

Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE)Hire

The process operators in manufacturing rely a great deal on the use and separation of controlled fluids. Depending on temperature and pressures a PHE is a great way to thermally transfer energy into, or away from a process. The design enables two bodies of fluid to transfer energy without ever coming into contact with one another. This can be very useful if the fluids used are corrosive or reactive when mixed. A Plate Heat exchanger can easily be dismantled, cleaned and reused again.

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