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What makes the perfect Ice-Rink

How does an ice rink work? Only at first glance the rink looks simple, but in fact it is a tricky technogenic application.

At the base of the field is a flat concrete slab or pre-constructed stage which serves as a level foundation. On top of it is a layer of thermal insulation, so that the plate does not freeze itself and at the same time does not cause the melting of the ice surface. On top of the insulation, there is a waterproofing layer that prevents water leakage, which lies the so-called ice mat, in which the ice-free liquid circulates with a temperature of down to -9 to -12 °C❄️ degrees celsius. The field is poured in layers in several stages. This is required to accelerate the process of creating ice surface and ensure its durability.

One of the applications of a low–temperature chiller is the creation of ice rinks on the street or indoors. The main requirement for chillers for ice rinks is the ability to temperatures ranging from -9 to -12 °C❄️ Depending on the area of the ice surface and its operating conditions, the ice making system can vary greatly. 

The path to professional ice is cool and layered. Everything strictly according to the secret recipe! Add a pinch of technology, a couple of smart specialists and chillers from our company and presto! Fun for the whole family.


How do we work

Rapid Chiller support Ice rink events managers, providing the prefect mix of cooling to produce the very best in ice-rinks. If you’d like a quote from one of our partners get in touch today and we’ll be happy to help.

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1. Select a venue that has a 3 phase power supply

2. Get permission to use this venue

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4. Enjoy!

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