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Rapid Chillers are a fully sectorised temporary hire specialist, this means our experts are trained to understand your business. We’ll partner with you to deliver honest, prompt and reliable service each and every time.

Commercial Cooling Hire

Commercial Cooling Hire is is crucial to the performance and well being of staff in multiple occupancy buildings.

Industrial Cooling Hire

Industrial Cooling Hire is can keep industry moving when process cooling fails, and a fast solution is needed.

DAC Dry-Air Chillers

Dry air cooling

Dry air coolers are a worthy and cost-effective addition to any excising cooling system where the returning fluid is beyond the advised input temperature of a chiller. The way a dry air cooler works is simple, warm, or hot fluid is passed through a closed coil where ambient air is drawn, up through using powerful low energy fans. Some of the heat in the fluid escapes from the coil into the passing air cooling the fluid as it continues through the coil. The lower the outdoor temperature the better the cooling effect actually becomes. The fact that a dry air cooler has no compressors means it is considerably cheaper to operate than a conventional chiller, and used in co-operation with a chiller can reduce the amount of energy required to operate your production. Get in touch today to find out more.

Data centre Cooling

Temporary data centre cooling solution offer a fast effective and cheap solution to data centre managers. Data centres have always required some form of cooling aid, this trend continues to grow. As the IT infrastructure of the world becoming more sophisticated, the power demand required to power it also increases an inevitable product of this is large amounts of surplus heat. There are several systems to cool a data centre but the most common in hire is the air-cooled chiller, when connected via flexible hoses to an air handler cool air can be supplied directly into the ducting of a data suit, or into the room itself. Another method is to place the fan coil air handler inside the data centre where it can absorb the heat back to the chiller removing the heat instead of just cooling.

Warehousing & Distribution Cooling

Refrigerated warehousing is a key component in the manufacture and storage of foods here in the UK. With the transport and distribution network moving huge amounts of perishable stock each day. It is therefore vital that temperatures are maintained in these spaces. Being able to safeguard the continuity of business following a serious breakdown can save food waste, enormous fines and serious reputational damages. UK food, beverage and manufacturing sector is the fastest growing of all the UK sectors meaning competition is fierce. Avoid the pain following an ammonia breakdown, avoid losing temperature when you have a compressor overhauled, the price we charge is far less than you might think! Get in touch to find out more today and begin planning with Rapid Chillers.

Chiller Lease Dry Air Chillers

Chiller Leasing

Chiller Leasing is a service offering you brand new state of the art cooling at an affordable rate over a set number of years. Depending on capital and available credit a solution can be drafted to suit your business that is both affordable and energy efficient. Have you considered what costs you pay each year for the maintenance and upkeep of your cooling equipment? Or are you finding that your chiller er becoming less reliable? Perhaps you have been tasked with reducing your energy consumption in engineering cutbacks. No matter the tasks you have we can help you cut costs, save energy, and improve equipment performance and reliability. There is also no maintenance costs! This is a huge benefit to businesses that are trying to conserve cash to grow and compete. Why not get in touch with your requirements, or simply contact us and we’ll get in touch with you.

Richard Jones
Richard Jones
I can't speak highly enough of the team at rapid chiller rentals. Very knowledgeable about the products and are more than willing to help you choose the right product you need.
Michael Slocombe
Michael Slocombe
Top service on site when ever hes needed to be with a very quick response time with the correct experience that is needed to get the job completed
Lee Roberts
Lee Roberts
I've dealt with Steve on a few occasions and each time he's provided first class service, with a real passion to deliver exactly what is required often going above and beyond and exceeding our expectations. His expertise, technical knowledge and passion for what he does shines through and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him or Rapid Chiller Rentals

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