Case Studies

Rapid Chillers Case Study Sheffield

Commercial Office Cooling

Type : Commercial Office Cooling
Project : Chiller Replacement Project
Solution: Temporary Chiller Hire

This project was particularly exciting because the client gave us a short deadline to deliver on a high stakes project.

Chiller Hire Manchester, Rapid Chiller Rentals

Mechanical seperation is used to overcome the vertical rise to the buildings roof's, and pumps were supplied on both sides of the plate heat exchangers to provide primary and ciculation flow. A water temperture of 6 DegC was achived at the clients delivery points! All in the blistering 40 degree heat of summer

Rapid Chillers Case Study Sheffield installation

Power was taken from the building as the incumbent chillers were beyond repair meaning a significant saving for the client, who didnt need to find space and funds for temporary power.

Cables were installed in single core extensions and connected directly to the chiller, our engineers worked with the electrician to provide smaller supplies for our pumps via third party distribution panels. A real team effort on a challenging installation.

Rapid Chiller Installation

The compound was very small and also had to allow safe passage for the public between the front and back of the buildings. In all, almost a megawatt (1000Kw) of cooling was required to cool the buildings given the high ambient temperatures.

“They were on site the same day as the initial call! The survey and quote carried out there and then. The equipment was delivered and installed over a single day! Great Service”

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Portable Air - Conditioning

This project was a challenge, we had a good power supply but no opening windows to discharge the waste heat, we needed to get creative! if we were going to help. We achieved this by installing ducting that vented directly into the air extract, the fix is crude but allowed installation of 5 of our 7.3KW portable coolers that reduced the room temperature by an impressive 11 degrees.

Bakery Chiller Breakdown

Following a call from a local site engineering manager, to advise his chiller had tripped in the summer heat we rushed to help. 

On site in less than 30 minutes, our sales manager got our lead engineer on the phone who talked the site's services engineer through the chiller checklist and restart. No hire service was provided but the client, realising they were vunerable asked for a chiller contingency plan to be created, so the site is better prepared to cope if there isnt a fix in the future.

NHS Hospital

The client called us after finding our website on the internet. They needed three chillers servicing, we don't offer this service but we do have a good network of air-conditioning and industrial  refrigeration contractors that provide the required service. 

We referred the caller to a local service partner who has quoted and secured the service contract. 

Another example of how we're prepared to go the extra mile to aid you finding the right solution.