District Cooling Hire

Emergency Chiller Hire for District Cooling?

What is a District Cooling System  


There are three main concepts for district cooling distribution systems:

  • The single two-pipe network used for heating during winter and cooling during summer.
  • The two separate duel pipe networks for heating and cooling all year round
  • The two separate duel pipe networks for seasonal heating and cooling


What is District Cooling Chiller Hire


District cooling distribution systems are similar to district heating systems, the procurement costs per unit volume of distributed energy are higher for district cooling systems because of the increase in power used to produce the low temperatures required in the systems. A temporary cooling system is vulnerable in all the same ways at District heating, and one should plan to encounter one of these failures. A good way to do this is construct a robust chiller hire contingency plan to ensure than part or all of the load requirements across the network can be accommodated. If heat exchangers are used to transfer cooling into the building it is recommended that enabling work is considered for installing tees into the flow and return pipework that are large enough to carry the kilowatt energy required to heat or cool the whole building, and that the building can be completely valved off from the district network.


Where to use chillers in district cooling?


Air cooled chillers can be used in part load or full load set up, this means that if a section of the network is damaged or offline for repair, a temporary chiller can be supplied to continue the supply of chilled water to each of the buildings isolated, this can save buildings being closed and staff sent home or employees working in their offices without air conditioning. This was realised in the summer of 2022 where temperatures in London exceeded 40 degrees Celsius! The fact that many of the high-rise buildings are also made of non-heat reflecting glass made the solar gain situation much worse. A temporary hire chiller used in conjunction with a struggling network can help deliver additional kilowatt cool energy into the network allowing it to cope during peak demands and high ambient air conditions.

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