200KW Chiller

200kw chillers

200KW Chiller

This is the pinnacle of our efficiency range in air condensed liquid chillers and heat pumps.

This uses a combination of Scroll ON/OFF compressors and modulating BLDC (Brushless DC-inverter) compressors. The flexibility of this range and its highly versatile design, make it suitable for a wide range of system applications.

Here at Rapid Chiller Rentals Limited, emergency chiller hire is what we do. Providing both temporary commercial & industrial process chillers, from 10 kW to 1000 kW and beyond. Contact one of our rental experts today to get your quotation

Why Hire the 200kW Air Cooled Chiller?

Perhaps a chiller breakdown emergency? Or you just need extra cooling to support a compressor failure during repairs to equipment you already have on site?

Another reason could be your chillers are getting older and just aren’t coping with the cooling load during high summer temperatures.

You will find what you need here!

We’re privately owned and independent so can source from more places, ensuring what you want, when you want, at a competitive rate! Rapid Chillers pride ourselves on delivering a complete temporary chiller hire service to our customers and contractors and our motto of “Quality, Safety & Passion” ensure customers keep coming back to us.

Our sales & cooling engineers are experts at providing the right advice fast. What you need, when you need it, at a price you can afford.

Our packaged rental chillers offer the latest in low carbon efficiency, fitted with Scroll compressors that improve volumetric efficiency and flow continuity, they help reduce noise and leakage that protect you from downtime. The axial fan motors move in a parallel direction to the rotation axis allowing large volumes of air to be drawn through the coils. The braised heat exchanger fitted allows for better heat transfer and a smaller footprint, the overall weight of the machine is also greatly reduced as a result. The fact a heat exchanger can handle an equally high flow rate and system pressure means a long-life expectancy is just as likely and the heat exchanger means there is a reduction in the amount of refrigerant required to provide the cooling. Lastly the chillers sleek design is aesthetic also with tasteful colours and branding, a small addition to showcase the care taken on the details.


Performance Data

Duty: 200.9kW

Inlet Temperature: 12 °C

Outlet Temperature: 7 °C

Ambient: 35 °C

EER: 2.76

Compressors: 3

Compressor Type: Scroll

Refrigerant Type : R410a

No. Of Circuits : 2

Design Flow: 105.5 m³/hr


Power Supply : 415V 3Ø 50Hz

Plug Type: Hard Wired

Power Consumption : 72.7kW


Noise Level : 94 dBA

Dry Weight: 1620kg

Dimensions (Length): 3540 mm

Dimensions (Width): 1653 mm

Dimensions (Height): 2247 m

A Solution for Every Situation

3 Simple Steps to Easy Installation

Our commercial and domestic experts offer a more efficient alternative to heating your property. Here is the simple and easy process of Installation:




Step 1: Contact Us

Contact us via phone, email, or through our website and communicate your interest in installing the Chiller model.




Step 2: Site Survey

We will arrange a survey, assess the layout, identify the installation location, and determine the placement of components.




Step 3: Installtion
We will arrive on the scheduled day to install the system and provide you with manuals or documentation for reference.

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