Anaerobic Digestion Solutions

Anaerobic Digestion Cooling

Anaerobic Digestion Heating Solutions Temperature Control for Starting the Digestion Process.

Anaerobic Digestion Heating

Anaerobic Digestion Cooling Solutions Temperature Control for Anaerobic Digestion Production Anaerobic Digestion Protection.

Rapid Chiller Rentals & Rapid Boiler hire are specialist in temporary hired temperature control solutions with a product range that can effectively assist with the gas generation processes involved in both anaerobic and aerobic digestion plants.

The Best Anaerobic Digestion Solutions

The term Anaerobic simply means without oxygen and digestion is the processes by which microorganisms break down the biodegradable waste material in the absence of oxygen. Aerobic digestion is the opposite meaning air is introduced to the tank to aid the digestion process. Anaerobic digestion is a fast and efficient process used for industrial purposes to manage waste and to produce fuels suitable for other uses.

The process is a source of renewable energy, biogas is produced and can be used directly as fuel, blended with natural gas and pumped back into the gas network to earn money and stabilise DNO gas network companies who have remote gas supplies. Quality bio-methane and digestate ( waste left on completion of the process) this can be mixed with inert soils to create fertilisers and farm foods. The yield from a single digester can be significant so uptime is a key concentration.

Benefits of Anaerobic Digestion Heating & Cooling Solutions from Rapid Chiller Rentals.

Typically, a service provider like Rapid Chiller Hire gets involved when a digester water tanks need’s extra cooling, this can be because the chiller installed has failed,  high ambient temperatures are having an adverse effect on the pasteurisation process or because the product itself has led to the microorganisms over working, this can create a large amount of heat and sometimes kill off the process early costing time and money.

The fix is simple we attend with our RCAC fluid chiller unit capable of cooling .

The chiller was connected directly on to the onsite water circuit to enable the process temperature to be reduced gradually to eliminate thermal shock.

A temporary plate heat exchanger and secondary flow pump was used as part of the cooling package to allow the chiller to complete the application required, all can happen without interrupting the plant cycle.

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Temporary Chiller Hire

In the event your business experiences a chiller breakdown resulting in a loss of critical cooling, we can supply robust solution now.

Professional Service

No matter your temporary chiller hire requirements , our engineers offer friendly and expert advice, in line with current F-Gas legislation and best practices for rental applications.


Our Air-cooled Chiller Sales professionals are trained to the highest industry standard to offer you the best possible Chiller Hire & Boiler Hire Solutions.

Temporary Boiler Hire

In the event your business experiences a hot water boiler breakdown resulting in a loss of critical heating, we can supply a robust and energy efficient boiler hire solution now.

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How does Temporary chiller hire work?

How does Temporary chiller hire work for Me? – A temporary chiller hire is delivered in one of three ways

  1. Looking for Additional capacity installed within an existing environment space, for example during a Environment extension.
  2. Because you need to, perhaps outdoor ambient conditions are making it hard to maintain indoor room temperatures or a severe breakdown leave you with no cooling or your process cooling running at reduced capacity.
  3. Planned support project, perhaps you have a short or long-term contract? Or need extra space during peak times of the year, and want to react to sudden changes in the cold chain market.

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Anaerobic Digestion Heating Boiler Hire

Rapid Chiller Rentals Limited are experts at providing both planned and reactive hire for Anaerobic Cooling solutions.

Trigeneration heating is the process of heat recovery from jacket water and flue gasses of a biogas fired generator.
The alternative is a gas or oil direct fired hire boiler. No matter what the heat source is, its crucial that on start up of the process, that the material in the silo is heated to the correct temperature in order for the microorganisms to begin breaking down the contents and creating gas.

The AD plant is reliant on stable temperatures to maximise productivity, any breaks can have a detrimental effect, or risk the destruction of the microorganisms rendering the contents useless and forcing a stoppage.
Rapid Chillers are experts in both temporary boiler hire and heat recovery solutions and have a track record of finding the right solution where it exists.

As the world looks to cleaner and more renewable sources of energy AD will most certainly become more prevalent.

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Anaerobic Digestion Cooling Chiller Hire

Rapid Chiller Rentals Limited are experts at providing both planned and reactive hire for Anaerobic Cooling solutions.

Temporary chiller Hire has often been a way of reducing the risk of over heating during the process of biogas creation, the fact that the microorganisms produce gas and heat has long been understood and temperatures exceeding the safe levels can not only cause destruction of the microorganisms but risk damage to the plant itself, hot excitable microorganisms have been known to create gas beyond the safe limits of the plant, therefore water and air cooled chillers help reduce the heat by expelling this via the refrigeration cycle.

Keeping the silo jacket at an optimum temperature ensures a controlled release of gas and a more sustainable yield. Heat pumps are also making their way into the higher temperatures now meaning that a chiller can provide both heating and cooling.

Technological advances are moving the industry in that direction but scepticism of heat outputs in low air temperatures mean that hiring is giving clients the chance to trial new technologies without committing to capital purchase.

Product Solutions to keep your Anaerobic Digestion Cooling & Heating

Anaerobic Digestion - Process stages

The four key stages of anaerobic digestion involve hydrolysis, acidogenesis, acetogenesis and methanogenesis.

The overall process can be described by the chemical reaction, where organic material such as glucose is biochemically digested into carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) by the anaerobic microorganisms.


Freezer Container Hire

Rapid Chiller Rentals limited lease a wide variety of Reefer container through our network of trusted partners at competitive prices, very attractive conditions and quality service and flexibility.

The Reefer container can be used for blast cooling and freezing products and are designed to remain on your site. We do offer some modifications facilities if you do need bespoke utilities installing,

Our refrigerated containers can offer a versatile temperature range between -35°c to +30°c on a 3-phase power supply, additional convenience features can include low noise compressors and plastic strip curtains to help eliminate defrost issues during poor weather.

We also offer Internal LED lighting, ramps, and panic alarms for raising attention if a lock in does occur.

speak to our sales team to enquire today.

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AD - Anaerobic Digestion Heating Solutions

Whether you require additional cold storage or have a project requirement to increase in production or storage space. Perhaps you’ve experienced an unforeseen compressor pack breakdown or a refrigerant leak force you to shut down. Rapid Chiller rentals can deliver a temporary hire solution to remedy your problem.

As much as 40% of food supply ends up being discarded as waste. Contributing to an estimated 31% food loss at the retail and consumer levels. Reusing these food supplies to convert in to usable energy will help the environment and reduce wastage.

From a life cycle perspective, anaerobic digestion performs well in most categories by inducing significant resource savings. To increase environmental sustainability however, it is necessary to control emissions in the biogas production chain.

One of the most obvious environmental benefits of anaerobic digestion is its function in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By capturing methane gas that may have otherwise been lost to the atmosphere, AD operations displace fossil fuel energy use.

Anaerobic Digestion Customer Journey


Building Your New Project
From Concept
Through Design
To Successful Delivery


Responding to Your Situation
Emergency Breakdowns
Keeping Your Production Going
Restoring Order To Operations
Securing Business Success


Planning Change
Control Growth & Change
From Updates, To Completion
Delivering Success

Anaerobic Digestions

Heating & Cooling Solutions

Rapid Chiller Rental Systems – If you require Heating or Cooling Solutions for your Anaerobic Digestion Plant. Give us a Call Today!

Our service covers all elements of the design and build of temporary Heating hire for your plant. To ensure a Rapid and cost-effective deployment at your project location. The service’s can easily be expanded to include the erection of the temporary warehouse or building, provision of temporary power generation to power our modern refrigeration or air conditioning system.

We have many years’ experiences working with the UK’s most recognised blue-chip companies, examples include hospital trusts and government contractors. That experience ensures we understand the importance of a rapid response in an emergency. We constantly invest in our equipment, the software, and services, all to ensure you have access to the most modern, efficient, and reliable power, temperature control and air movers available.

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Anaerobic Digestion Cooling & Heating Solutions

Containerised Fridge and Freezer hire Solutions

There are two types of food perishable and non-perishable, perishable foods need to be refrigerated to maintain their shelf life and businesses throughout the country rely on their refrigeration systems to maintain their stock at safe temperatures.
Rapid Chiller Rentals offer a large variety of Cold Storage Solutions for warehouse environments, We can provide a wide range that can be Cold Stores for extra storage space, to Blast Freezers and Refrigerated Containers. The need for temporary hire isn’t always obvious but compared with the cost and intrusion love a walk-in freezer installation these containers can be easily situated in available parking space or on hard level ground plugged into the mains and down to temperature within hours of arriving on site.

Enquiries for these solutions come from a variety of sectors, be it pharmaceutical use for refrigerated drug storage or high street retailers looking for temporary extra freezer storage capacity for Christmas turkeys! We have got it covered, using our robust and state of the art rental coolers we keep industry moving!


Creation - Building Your New Projects

Creation starts with the idea that something needs doing to solve a problem. Each problem will need different solutions. These can mean a design being brought about for a new process, or a new project to build and installing new capabilities for your business. Creating the tasks of providing new equipment to enable more work in your company.

chiller soultion

Start by Hiring a Temporary Chiller

The design process of creating a temporary freezer depends on key factor.

  1. How much does it need to store.
  2. How is that stock accessed and by whom.
  3. As well as for how long it is required.

Rapid chillers are able to accommodate all these eventualities.
If it is a small business looking for a walk in freezer to enable them to use the space inside their premises for non-perishable stock, perhaps for the food retailer needing extra freezer capacity or any other combination, we are experts and here to help you make the right decision

Creating Bigger Solutions

If you are a larger business, A low temperature chiller and air handler package can easily chill an entire factory.
Chill and maintain an entire building at 3 degree celsius air temperature.

Our VLTC (very Low temperature chillers) deliver a leaving water temperature of between -25 and -40 degrees celsius easily maintaining a freezer at -18s.

chiller warehouse
Looking For Temporary Chillers and Boilers? Contact Us for Rapid Solutions!

Reaction - Responding to Your Situation


Emergency Response Needed

A temporary wet system freezer or chill store
The most common of all our applications is installed following the partial or full loss of cooling in critical stores at food factories and haulage storage facilities.

Imagine your freezer at home breaking down and how quickly the temperature begins to rise.

Having a supplier on hand that can deliver and install a temporary cold or chill store quickly is quite often an essential piece of disaster recovery planning for the food retail industry.
Where stock is put at risk by temperature related failures a robust plan needs to be followed to prevent stock losses and continue business operations for example picking.
Trucks can mount up quickly and staff standing around waiting are not productive and the reputational damages that occur when orders don’t reach their destinations can mean contractual failings and these quite often have significant financial and trust related consequences.

Quick Reaction!

A couple of holes is all it takes sometimes! A temporary chiller can be connected to the internal air movers by flexible glycol hoses and filled with specially treated water that cannot freeze, this solution delivers the cooling into the building space and removes the heat, back to the chiller. Where it is vented as waste energy to atmosphere.

A single air handler can deliver 25kW or 50kW of cooling in the right conditions. Our specialist hire team, work out the deerate to be applied to achieve the desired room temperature. Allowing for air handler defrost cycles, and size the chiller according to that and the flow rate required to deliver the correct cooling capacity. A single chiller and air handler can be installed in an hour or two in the right conditions so its vital you act quickly when you realise temperatures are not being met.


Planning – Here to help you Plan, Prevent, and Prevail!


Prior Planning and Preparation Prevent Pointless Pain

Our message to our prospects and clients is very simple!
How do you plan to recover in an emergency?
How do you manage Safety, Individual Roles and Responsibilities at the same time as preventing the situation developing beyond your control.

“ You guys do that”

We don’t do it all we simply cant!

Our method of establishing your need and the safest way to deliver will never alter.

No matter how urgent the call is. This means we need our customer to engage us before there is a serious issue, this allows us to meet your requirements quickly, efficiently and with the minimal amount of error.

Get a Head of the Game!

The best way to plan a failure is speak to our experts, invite us to site, speak with us about what you believe your needs are, and let us build you
A Contingency Plan To Protect You.
Knowing how and where we should install is vital in an emergency and the more we know the faster and more accurately we can respond.

Head over to our contingency planning page to see more on the service.