RCAC RTAF 300-2090 KW

RCAC RTAF 300-2090 kW Air-Cooled Chiller

RCAC RTAF 300-2090 KW

Cooling capacity: 300 – 2090 kW
  • Low energy consumption: high full (EEER) and part load efficiencies
  • Screw compressor with Variable Volume Index (XSE) to reach remarkable efficiency levels
  • Reduced refrigerant charge through microchannel condenser coils and optimized refrigeration circuit
  • Highly configurable to meet specific performance requirements and budget needs
  • Wide operating map: airside and waterside
  • Adaptive Frequency™ Drive on compressors of HSE/HSS versions along with electronically commutated condenser fans on XE, HSE and HSS versions

Model RTAF Prime is available in seven efficiency versions: SE, HE and XE in fixed compressor speed; HSS, HSE, XSS and XSE in variable speed. These can be coupled with three low noise packages (SN, LN, XLN).
You can also choose between AC and EC fans.

Smart, versatile, reliable

RTAF air-cooled chillers are built on the Sintesis™ platform, which means they share many of the same components and technologies, all with a proven reliability record.

With fixed, variable speed or Variable Volume Index compressors with permanent magnet motor, Sintesis™ Prime units are ideal whatever your comfort or process application requirements. The RTAF chillers operate with R1234ze, R513A or R134a refrigerants providing outstanding flexibility, ideal for data centers and applications with negative brine temperature.

The RTAF offers optimized performance that meets and exceeds EU Ecodesign thresholds. It is also available in a short length version for reduced footprint installations.

System efficiency with energy saving solutions

RTAF chillers can be equipped with an integrated free cooling system, significantly lowering your operating costs and reducing wear and tear of main system components.

RTAF chillers also offer a total or partial heat recovery option to reclaim waste heat and provide your building with hot water.

All Sintesis™ chillers are fully compatible with LonTalk®, BACnet® and Modbus, allowing for easy integration with BMS systems.

Cooling capacity

  • 300-2090 kW

Heating capacity

  • N/A

Eurovent certification

  • YES

ErP Certification

  • YES


  • Screw


  • R1234ze | R513A | R134a

Energy saving

  • Heat Recovery
  • Free cooling
  • Adaptive frequencey

Operating mode

  • Cooling Only

Data protocols

  • Lonmark

Unit type

  • Air-to-water

A Solution for Every Situation

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Step 2: Site Survey

We will arrange a survey, assess the layout, identify the installation location, and determine the placement of components.




Step 3: Installtion
We will arrive on the scheduled day to install the system and provide you with manuals or documentation for reference.

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