PFM Article On UK Passport Issue Delays

Chiller hire enabled the UK Passport and Immigration offices in Sheffield to continue to operate despite sissling summer temperatures… Temporary

What is De-Rate and Delta T

Delta T is the expression used in the HVAC and HVACR industries, to determine the difference between return fluid temperature

We’ll be at Chillventa 2022

A must see chance to touch tomorrow’s technology! International gathering of refrigeration, AC, ventilation and heat pump experts Rapid Chillers

Get up to 25% off Chiller hire

Chiller Hire & Dry Air Cooler Hire in Winter 25% Discounts available for a limited time  As an introductory offer

HVAC Liverpool

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning in Liverpool Liverpool is a city with half a million inhabitants and approximately 75,000 businesses.

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

Our Queen, champion of all, enemy of none. Your dutiful service and tireless efforts bought immense pride the people over

cold chain
What is the coldest temperature?

Absolute zero is coldest it can ever be. This is a mind bending -273.15 degrees Celsius. Also known as zero degrees Kelvin.

What Does HVACR stand for?

HVACR what does it actually mean? The term HVACR is an extension on the term HVAC, this stands for Heating,

How does water cool you down?

Water is great at removing heat through evaporation. water on the surface of your skin quickly absorbs heat in order

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Chiller Hire is a fast and effective way to secure long, and short term cooling equipment quickly. Perhaps you are planning a site shutdown, or preparing for a break down on site, get in touch with us to see how we help companies stay on track even after an emergency.

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