Petrochemical Cooling Solutions

Petrochemical Cooling

Petrochemical Cooling Solutions, Petrochemical Cooling information, Temperature Control for Chemical Environments.

Petrochemical Heating

Petrochemical Heating Solutions, Petrochemical Heating information, Temperature Control for Industrial Environments.

Petrochemical Cooling Solutions – We provide a wide range of professional & reliable temporary chiller hire services to meet your Chemical and Petrochemical cooling demands. We promise to provide quality service to the highest level of satisfaction.

The Best Petro-Chemical Cooling Solutions

Rapid Chiller Rentals offers alternatives to expensive capital purchases, a cost-effective hire solution, offers immediate high value temperature control solutions with affordable monthly payments for all of our clients.

The Petrochemical and Chemical manufacturing industries rely on both heating and cooling for the upkeep of their process.

We partner with this industry sector, combining our reactive experience of a major equipment failure to help factories recover quickly, giving peace of mind and continuity of production.

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Why Choose Us?

Temporary Chiller Hire

In the event your business experiences a chiller breakdown resulting in a loss of critical cooling, we can supply robust solution now.

Professional Service

No matter your temporary chiller hire requirements , our engineers offer friendly and expert advice, in line with current F-Gas legislation and best practices for rental applications.


Our Air-cooled Chiller Sales professionals are trained to the highest industry standard to offer you the best possible Chiller Hire & Boiler Hire Solutions.

Temporary Boiler Hire

In the event your business experiences a hot water boiler breakdown resulting in a loss of critical heating, we can supply a robust and energy efficient boiler hire solution now.


Benefits of Petrochemical Cooling Solutions from Rapid Chiller Rentals.

Providing a Rapid response is all about how close we are to you, and how well you have allowed us to know your site, the application you need us to support and the temperatures we will need to provide you.

Our equipment does take time to install so knowing how to get ahead is crucial to your success following a breakdown.

When the right equipment has been decided upon, we ensure that it is installed, commissioned and de-commissioned and removed from your site safely and quickly, saving you time and money. You can be confident that our hire equipment has been fully optimised to minimise your running costs, maximise productivity performance and ensure the protection of the environment.



  1. The chemical industry depends on mineral deposits such as salt, potash, nitrates, sulphur etc.
  2. Chemicals include sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and caustics.
  3. The chemical industries are located near the source of raw materials.
  4. Chemicals are produced since early times.


  1. The petrochemical industry depends upon chemicals obtained from coal, gas and petroleum.
  2. The petro-chemical industries explosives, fertilizers,plastics, synthetic fibres and rubber.
  3. Petro-chemical industries are relatively young industries.
  4. Perto-chemical industries

In 2020 the UK Chemical and Petrochemical industry generated revenues of over 73 Billion and employed over 140, 000 staff! So downtime is expensive and carefully planned.

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How does Temporary chiller hire work?

How does Temporary chiller hire work for Me? – A temporary chiller hire is delivered in one of three ways

  1. Looking for Additional capacity installed within an existing environment space, for example during a Environment extension.
  2. Because you need to, perhaps outdoor ambient conditions are making it hard to maintain indoor room temperatures or a severe breakdown leave you with no cooling or your process cooling running at reduced capacity.
  3. Planned support project, perhaps you have a short or long-term contract? Or need extra space during peak times of the year, and want to react to sudden changes in the cold chain market.

Start Your Chiller Hire with Rapid Chiller Today!

Petrochemical Chiller Hire

Are you experiencing difficulty on your production line? Do the new requirements to reduce drift on your water-cooling towers cause you issue? Or do unreliable and inaccurate temperatures on your chillers mean it’s time to consider renewing your cooling system?

Whatever your demand is, when it comes to industrial cooling, we can help!

Our Temporary Rental Solutions have cooled condensing water helping stabilise the return fluid post cooling tower, boosting productivity during the heat of long summers.

We’ve also provided lease options to our clients, enabling them to benefit from immediate delivery of new or used chiller plant that can help you get your industry moving again at affordable weekly or monthly costs.

Our leadership are members of the Institute of refrigeration and our engineers are all experts of both wet and dry refrigeration systems!
Our promise is even if we don’t have the right solution at the time you need it, we know who does!

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Petrochemical Boiler Hire

Heating is a vital component in manufacturing certain chemicals, keeping the solutions warm helps prevent solidification, and the losses associated can be significant.
We have provided temporary heating via Steam too, our strategic partnerships mean that fast effective steam boiler and LTHW boiler hire solutions can be key when it comes to the successful planning of a shutdown.

We are working on options for heat pump technology as the world embraces new technologies that meets demands to decarbonise. And Heat recovery options for sites wanting to make use of their latent heat.

No matter the requirement we can help, our advice is free and our phone is always on. We welcome you to challenge us!

Steam Boiler Hire

Rapid Chillers offer a full range of low temperature hot water boiler and chiller hire solutions. Our boiler range are both non-condensing commercial and industrial applications and condensing for light commercial use, all are ready for immediate hire see our boiler hire page for more information.

In the interests of your Convenience and Safety we have partnered with the UK’s most reputable supplier of steam rental technology here in the Northwest. McQuillan’s Steam Boiler Hire Andy is a 3rd generation Steam boiler expert, and his family are known throughout the UK for their engineering excellence on both manufacture and service.

This strategic partnership enables Rapid Chiller Rentals and Rapid Boiler Hire to provide you additional services.
Ensuring you get the highest quality and efficiency that’s highly recommended, local, and well established.

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Petrochemical Cooling Customer Journey


Building Your New Project
From Concept
Through Design
To Successful Delivery


Responding to Your Situation
Emergency Breakdowns
Keeping Your Production Going
Restoring Order To Operations
Securing Business Success


Planning Change
Control Growth & Change
From Updates, To Completion
Delivering Success

Checkout Our Vibrant Legacy

During our short service span, we have successfully completed thousands of jobs and earned the trust of our clients.

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Product Solutions

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Chiller Solutions

Cooling hydrocarbon rundown during summer heat is proven to prevent interruptions in production.
An example case in question was:-
Oil refinery needs to continue scalable production in any climate and in line with fluctuating demand. The installed dry coolers were ineffective due to the summer heat, which increased the ambient air temperatures of its hydrocarbon rundown in the alkylation unit. This can affect the octane levels in the fuel produced and increase the water vapour leading to corrosion! Something needed to be done. The excess water vapour had to be flared off unless an alternative could be sourced. A simple heat exchanger and cooling tower was all that was needed, applied correctly flaring was halted and the customer learned how quickly a hire solution can have a positive impact on production optimisation.

Petro Chemical Hire

Whether you require Heating or Cooling within your production. We can assit you solve your problems Or Find those savings you need.

Perhaps you’ve experienced an unforeseen breakdown or a refrigerant leak force you to shut down.

Rapid Chiller rentals can deliver a temporary hire solution to remedy your problem.

Petrochemical Production FAQ’s

Applying dry air and adiabatic coolers, cooling towers have proven results in reducing the amount of electrical energy required to cool fluid. 

Yes, an air-cooled chiller can be started using simple timer clocks, this means instead of idle power being used, The chiller will start and stop at deliberate times.

When planning a shutdown its is good practice to hire temporary refrigeration or power generation to support critical functions, Rapid Chiller Hire provide this service


Happy Customers Reviews

Read the reviews of our past customers and see what they have to say about our capabilities.

Petrochemical & Chemical Cooling

Containerised Fridge and Freezer hire Solutions

There are two types of food perishable and non-perishable, perishable foods need to be refrigerated to maintain their shelf life and businesses throughout the country rely on their refrigeration systems to maintain their stock at safe temperatures.
Rapid Chiller Rentals offer a large variety of Cold Storage Solutions for warehouse environments, We can provide a wide range that can be Cold Stores for extra storage space, to Blast Freezers and Refrigerated Containers. The need for temporary hire isn’t always obvious but compared with the cost and intrusion love a walk-in freezer installation these containers can be easily situated in available parking space or on hard level ground plugged into the mains and down to temperature within hours of arriving on site.

Enquiries for these solutions come from a variety of sectors, be it pharmaceutical use for refrigerated drug storage or high street retailers looking for temporary extra freezer storage capacity for Christmas turkeys! We have got it covered, using our robust and state of the art rental coolers we keep industry moving!


Creation - Building Your New Projects

chiller soultion

Start by Hiring a Temporary Chiller

The design process of creating a temporary freezer depends on key factor.

  1. How much does it need to store.
  2. How is that stock accessed and by whom.
  3. As well as for how long it is required.

Rapid chillers are able to accommodate all these eventualities.
If it is a small business looking for a walk in freezer to enable them to use the space inside their premises for non-perishable stock, perhaps for the food retailer needing extra freezer capacity or any other combination, we are experts and here to help you make the right decision

Creating Bigger Solutions

If you are a larger business, A low temperature chiller and air handler package can easily chill an entire factory.
Chill and maintain an entire building at 3 degree celsius air temperature.

Our VLTC (very Low temperature chillers) deliver a leaving water temperature of between -25 and -40 degrees celsius easily maintaining a freezer at -18s.

chiller warehouse
Looking For Temporary Chillers and Boilers? Contact Us for Rapid Solutions!

Reaction - Responding to Your Situation


Emergency Response Needed

A temporary wet system freezer or chill store
The most common of all our applications is installed following the partial or full loss of cooling in critical stores at food factories and haulage storage facilities.

Imagine your freezer at home breaking down and how quickly the temperature begins to rise.

Having a supplier on hand that can deliver and install a temporary cold or chill store quickly is quite often an essential piece of disaster recovery planning for the food retail industry.
Where stock is put at risk by temperature related failures a robust plan needs to be followed to prevent stock losses and continue business operations for example picking.
Trucks can mount up quickly and staff standing around waiting are not productive and the reputational damages that occur when orders don’t reach their destinations can mean contractual failings and these quite often have significant financial and trust related consequences.

Quick Reaction!

A couple of holes is all it takes sometimes! A temporary chiller can be connected to the internal air movers by flexible glycol hoses and filled with specially treated water that cannot freeze, this solution delivers the cooling into the building space and removes the heat, back to the chiller. Where it is vented as waste energy to atmosphere.

A single air handler can deliver 25kW or 50kW of cooling in the right conditions. Our specialist hire team, work out the deerate to be applied to achieve the desired room temperature. Allowing for air handler defrost cycles, and size the chiller according to that and the flow rate required to deliver the correct cooling capacity. A single chiller and air handler can be installed in an hour or two in the right conditions so its vital you act quickly when you realise temperatures are not being met.


Planning – Here to help you Plan, Prevent, and Prevail!


Prior Planning and Preparation Prevent Pointless Pain

Our message to our prospects and clients is very simple!
How do you plan to recover in an emergency?
How do you manage Safety, Individual Roles and Responsibilities at the same time as preventing the situation developing beyond your control.

“ You guys do that”

We don’t do it all we simply cant!

Our method of establishing your need and the safest way to deliver will never alter.

No matter how urgent the call is. This means we need our customer to engage us before there is a serious issue, this allows us to meet your requirements quickly, efficiently and with the minimal amount of error.

Get a Head of the Game!

The best way to plan a failure is speak to our experts, invite us to site, speak with us about what you believe your needs are, and let us build you
A Contingency Plan To Protect You.
Knowing how and where we should install is vital in an emergency and the more we know the faster and more accurately we can respond.

Head over to our contingency planning page to see more on the service.