Food & Beverage Cooling Solutions

Food Chiller Solutions

Solutions for the food industry with temporary cooling services to help manufacturers control the production environment this is often a key factor in meeting strict industry standards for the storage.

Drinks Chiller Solution

Solutions for the drinks industry provide the necessary controls needed to make the top quality products customers demand

Chiller Contingency Solution

Food & drinks contingency solutions planning a head, will enable you to avoid disasters to your food and drinks production.

We provide process cooling solutions to a wide range of professional’s in the food and beverage manufacturing sector. Temporary cooling services help manufacturers meet their production needs during research and development and maintain or increase cooling during maintenance shutdown’s.

Beverage & Soft Drinks

Process Cooling actually accelerates production in Food & Beverage manufacturing. The soft drinks Industry requires cooling in fizzy drink manufacture. The fizz is carbon dioxide, which gets injected prior to packaging, if the solution were not cooled prior to this the CO2 would simply “boil off” and frothing would occur rendering the product unsuitable for sale.

Precise cooling is often a key factor in meeting strict industry standards for the storage, processing and distribution of both alcoholic and soft drinks around the world.

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Temporary Chiller Hire

In the event your business experiences a chiller breakdown resulting in a loss of critical cooling, we can supply robust solution now.

Professional Service

No matter your temporary chiller hire requirements , our engineers offer friendly and expert advice, in line with current F-Gas legislation and best practices for rental applications.


Our Air-cooled Chiller Sales professionals are trained to the highest industry standard to offer you the best possible Chiller Hire & Boiler Hire Solutions.

Temporary Boiler Hire

In the event your business experiences a hot water boiler breakdown resulting in a loss of critical heating, we can supply a robust and energy efficient boiler hire solution now.

Food & Beverage Cooling Solutions
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Food & Beverage Cooling Solutions
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Beverage & Soft Drinks Cooling

Process Cooling actually accelerates production in Food & Beverage manufacturing. The soft drinks Industry requires cooling in fizzy drink manufacture. The fizz is carbon dioxide, which gets injected prior to packaging, if the solution were not cooled prior to this the CO2 would simply “boil off” and frothing would occur rendering the product unsuitable for sale. Precise cooling is often a key factor in meeting strict industry standards for the storage, processing and distribution of both alcoholic and soft drinks around the world

Cooling food for freezing or storage

You should aim to cool foods to below 8 °C before placing into the fridge for storage. Putting foods that are above this temperature into the chiller or freezer raise the storage temperature inside, meaning surrounding foods also warm up. Increasing the likelihood of potential harmful bacteria and enabling it to multiply. This is especially relevant, where food is blanched before freezing.

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Meat Processing Cooling

The process of “maturation” of beef is between 10 and 30 days. Following slaughter animals remain in cold storage. The cooling process needed to commercialize the meat is increased progressively from the second day of the animal’s death up to 30 days where butchery usually takes place

Meat Processing Cooling

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Food and Beverage Cooling Solutions

Rapid Chiller Rentals Limited are experts in providing bespoke cooling packages to the food drink and beverage industries.
With many years’ experiences supplying our manufacturing clients with temporary chillers and cooling solutions.

Our aim is to establish a reputation as the most reliable and trustworthy temporary hire specialist within the UK.
If you are seeking cooling equipment to assist with your manufacturing process, or you are simply wanting to get a better idea of how temporary cooling solutions can support your sector.
We’d love to hear from you.

An industrial chiller is a refrigeration device used to lower the temperature of drinks and beverages during the manufacture process by removing heat and transferring it, normally to atmosphere outside the building

Winery chillers, like beverage manufacturing chillers produce low-temperature fluids suited for applications between -6 and +4*C The most common types of chillers used in wineries are known as glycol chillers.

The process of manufacturing food requires vast amounts of cooling, from room temperature control in meat butchery, to safe storage and distribution to the consumer, both Air cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers with water cooling tower provide this solution to the sector.

Moisture carryover from cooling coils refers to the entrainment of water into the air delivery, because of high coil face velocity combined with dirty coil surfaces.

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Food, Drink and Beverage Cooling

Rapid Chiller Rentals have extensive knowledge and expertise in supplying temperature controlling hire equipment to the food and beverage industry. Working with food processing factories and distributers, we have cooled milk, provided cool air in biscuit cooling tunnels. Our temporary Chillers have been used to cool air handlers’ coils providing chilled air into raw meat stores and blast chillers. We’ve cooled down glass from an eye watering 560*C where it begins to relax, by contract we’ve even cooled salad ensuring the extra crunch in the supermarket! Fruit and vegetables that’ve been chilled last much longer on the shelf and make up just a small selection of the projects and services we offer. When we are called upon to provide temporary cooling to a factory during peak production or help our customers meet seasonal needs when installed chillers cannot cope. Our 24/7 emergency rental service makes us the supplier of choice.

Rapid Chillers pride ourselves on supplying customers and contractors with a quick, safe and considered response, allowing us to meet the climate control and process cooling needs set before us. Our promise to respond even if we cannot help, ensures your delays will be kept to a minimum and allow you the time you need to plan. As standard we conduct free site surveys and quotation will specify your independent needs. As rental costs are Opex no Capex the full cost is tax deductible so there are benefits in both production and finance. Allowing production to recover quickly and finance to spread the cost and reserve capital.

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Rapid Chiller Rentals Food & Beverage Cooling Solutions

Food & Beverage Industrial Sectors

The food and beverage sector is incredibly diverse and fast paced, so it’s inevitable, that we can assume the need to upgrade and maintain your temperature control while continuing to operate. Yet the inescapable likelihood of a stoppage of installed equipment can seriously interfere with your business functions and performance.

But this shouldn’t mean shutting down your entire production, we have solutions to help you maintain on the move. So, whenever you are planning a plant shutdown of your temperature control equipment – Rapid Chiller Rentals are on-hand to support. Our rental chiller and boiler hire equipment is ready to deploy in place of your damaged equipment, enabling you to keep production running and fulfill your customer obligations at a fraction of the downtime costs.


Creation - Building Your New Projects

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What do you need?

Rapid chillers hire team work closely with our clients and their contractors, to deliver bespoke temperature control projects that are customized to the exact requirements of our customers site temperature related requirements. The design process is where we meet with you and survey your location. During which we can offer consultative advice and recommendations, on the essential enabling work required to successfully deliver a speedy chiller hire solution. Through to a robust Contingency and Disaster Recovery Plan for your chillers and boiler plant.

New Projects are similar in many ways to a temporary chiller hire, the main difference is that the plant is owned by the customer eventually, this can be a direct sale and install chiller, to longer term chiller lease to purchase and long-term lease. Our team have chosen our chiller manufacturer very carefully to ensure a fully customisable and deliberate chiller install solution.

Plantroom services are more advisory than physical activity. Are you looking for answers on what you need to know to safeguard your chillers when you need it most? Are you noticing that seasonal demand and excessive summer temperatures are putting your installed chillers at risk of breakdown. Or are you a project manager planning an extension and simply want to know what options chiller hire can provide you during your project? No matter the need, we have enough boiler and chiller hire experience to offer meaningful advice. A quotation holds no obligation and can help demonstrate that temporary hire, when applied correctly ca have significant benefits mechanical and financial. Get in touch to begin your plantroom experience.

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Reaction - Responding to Your Situation

Emergency Chiller Hire

Emergency hire requires an immediate response, when a critical operation is interrupted due to a chiller breakdown. Manufacturing and process chillers are vital to the life blood of production uptime so here at Rapid we mould our company function and supply chain to aid that necessity when you face it., HVAC requirement will undoubtedly vary but emergency chiller hire is proven to minimise downtime keeping your operation moving and limiting the impact following a disaster or serious breakdown.

In an emergency, you need a fast and expert service hopefully you have a contingency plan outlining the fastest and safest way to recover. Regardless if you don’t, our team of specialist can survey your site, arrange a quote and if possible same day delivery.

Here at Rapid we acknowledge that a breakdown constitutes an emergency, and these often take place out of hours, we should still be able to deliver, install and commission although we can’t always instead promise our best endeavour.

With our years of experience, we have responded to many emergencies rental enquiries across the UK and served many different sectors including industrial, manufacturing, petrochemical and pharmaceutical, we’ve even supported data centre managers in maintaining critical temperatures in data centres where HVAC applications have let them down. We understand downtime is critical and often very costly and promise to partner with you to provide the best hire solution for your business in the fastest possible time.


Planning – Here to help you Plan, Prevent, and Prevail!


Planned & preventative Chiller Hire Solutions

Challenge your management systems – heavy industrial sites often have varied shutdown procedures and contingency plan standardising your approach to the challenge of shutting down and restarting safely a must if you are to achieve shutdown excellence – ie stable, predictable processes to drive improvement, efficiency and resilience.

Manage your critical path – we always find that evaluating critical path tasks for improvement opportunities never fail to deliver value. This includes ensuring near critical path tasks are identified and communicated within your workgroups, so they understand how close they are to moving on to the critical path if delays occur and what action to take if you are not available.

Engage senior management in decisions that may offer improvements and seek engagement from suppliers familiar with recovery following an emergency shutdown – it’s essential senior management are across the development process and have visibility of progress and the benefits of hire applications and their part in ordering enabling works that can dramatically reduce the amount of time to install and commission a temporary chiller or boiler.