500KW Chiller


500KW Chiller

This 500kW Industrial Chiller is a comprehensive solution for different cooling applications, including air conditioning, process cooling, and even ice rink production. It can also be used as an independent air conditioning system, which is best for both temporary events and permanent installations when integrated with air handling units.

Rapid Chillers has engineers who are licenced and F-Gas certified and offer fast and cost-efficient services 24/7 in the UK. All of our team is registered so that you have peace of mind that we can handle your tasks professionally and efficiently.

The 500kW Process Chiller hire is an air-conditioned, mobile chiller system having eight axial fans and includes two Bitzer screw compressors, each serving its cooling circuit.

This air-cooled heat pump chiller includes a tube bundle evaporator and two internal pumps (one is used as a backup).

This 500kW chiller coordinates with the R 407C coolant, and it is capable of handling process temperatures between -12 °C and +27 °C.

This flexible chiller is best suited for different process applications. When combined with mobile air handling units, it works efficiently for large air conditioning systems in numerous sectors.

  • Great Performance: The main body of 500kW chiller units includes the latest semi-hermetic screw compressor, which integrates the motor without having any concerns regarding shaft seal leakage. Its compressors are supplied with a startup-shutdown cycle control program, which uniformly loads the parts and prolongs the service life.
  • Complete Safety Level: It has pressure-protecting appliances for both higher and lower levels. This cooled heat pump chiller will stop working if the cooling liquid temperature is high or low. The safety valve also automatically turns on when the refrigerator pressure exceeds a particular value.
  • Easy Assembly: This industrial unit’s structure is compact, and because of that, it covers limited space, minimises machine room requirements, and experiences the least vibration due to the foundation’s anti-vibration design. The units are pre-filled with R22 refrigerant and lubricating oil before delivery; after that, the only assembly step required is to connect the evaporator water pipe, which will save both time and money.
  • Power Supply: 400V, 3-Phase, 50Hz, Connection Type: Cable Eye, Maximum Power Usage: 279.6 kW, Protection Rating: IP 54, Suggested Fuse: 500 A.
  • Water Circuit: Internal Pump Operating Pressure: 3 bar, Pump Flow Capacity: 120 cubic meters per hour, Water Connection Type: 4-inch Bauer
  • Dimensions and Weight: Length: 5050 mm, Width: 2450 mm, Height: 2500 mm, Weight (Empty): 5450 kg, Forklift Slot Distance: 900 mm
  • Sound Pressure Level: Sound Level at 10 meters: 82 dB

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