Temporary Chiller & Boiler Hire

Offering efficient heating and air conditioning hires on a temporary basis at competitive prices and with quick turnaround time.

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About Our Services Solutions

Your solution is our service! founded in 2022, rapid chiller rentals are the answer to the demand for a local, independent cooling solutions provider here in the heart of the northwest. Rapid’s ethos is built on reliability and trust, put plainly we love what we do! We offer liquid chilling, air-conditioning, for your HVAC system, when the installed system is in need of replacement, or a failure has left your business at risk.

Chiller Solutions
Cooling Solutions
Air Solutions
Boiler Solutions

Our Temperature Control Solutions

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Chiller Solutions

Efficient chillers to ensure sustained smoothness in your industrial process without any disruption and downtime.

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Cooling Solutions

Designed to serve residential, commercial, and industrial settings to ensure a pleasant and productive environment.

Air Solutions

A fast and reliable option to maintain optimum indoor temperature during a fault or replacement of the main system.

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Boiler Solutions

Customisable and quick boiler solutions, fulfilling your heating and hot water needs for a multitude of settings.

Why Choose Us?

Serving every sector, rapid chiller rentals outranks its competitors in every aspect, including the following:

Temporary Chiller Hire

In the event your business experiences a chiller breakdown resulting in a loss of critical cooling, we can supply a robust and energy efficient hire solution now.

Professional Service

No matter your temporary chiller hire requirements , our engineers offer friendly and expert advice, in line with current F-Gas legislation and best practices for rental applications.

4.5 (15k+ reviews)

Our air-cooled chiller sales professionals are trained to the highest industry standard to offer you the best possible chiller Hireboiler hire Solutions.

Temporary Boiler Hire

In the event your business experiences a hot water boiler breakdown resulting in a loss of critical heating, we can supply a robust and energy efficient boiler hire solution now.

A Solution for Every Situation

We Are Industrial Cooling Experts in Manchester

We keep our systems maintained up to the highest standards to ensure uncompromising assistance whenever you need it.

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Temporary Chiller Hire

Chiller hire is a fast and effective way to secure long, and short term cooling equipment quickly.

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Contingency Plan Services

Chiller, boiler and power recovery planning for when you need it most!

Temporary Boiler Hire

Boiler hire is a fast and effective way to secure long, and short term heating equipment Quickly

Temporary Chiller Hire

Chiller Hire and Leasing

Chiller hire is a fast and effective way to secure long, and short term cooling equipment quickly. perhaps you are planning a site shutdown, or preparing for a break down on site, get in touch with us to see how we help companies stay on track even after an emergency.

Emergency Chiller Hire

If you have an emergency breakdown and need a speedy solution please,
call us now on our support line 0161 523 3933

  1. If you’re looking for a chiller hire service then we can help.
  2. With our comprehensive range of temporary cooling products,

We can provide anything from air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers to large walk-in chillers, industrial process chillers to other portable devices. We also offer a full installation service of your hire equipment, so you don’t have to worry about anything except choosing the right product. Our cooling engineering team has the knowledge and experience to provide you with everything you need when it comes to temporary chiller hire..

Make an emergency breakdown more manageable plan you way out of it with a contingency plan.

Chiller Hire and Leaser
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Business Sectors

Commercial & Industrial Sectors

Rapid chillers are a fully sectorised temporary hire specialist, this means our experts are trained to understand your business. We’ll partner with you to deliver honest, prompt and reliable service each and every time.
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Commercial Cooling Hire

Commercial cooling hire is is crucial to the performance and well being of staff in multiple occupancy buildings.

Industrial Cooling Hire

Industrial cooling hire is can keep industry moving when process cooling fails, and a fast solution is needed.

  • Commercial cooling for people
  • Commercial cooling for process
  • Industrial cooling for storage
  • Industrial cooling for production

Checkout Our Vibrant Legacy

During our short service span, we have successfully completed thousands of jobs and earned the trust of our clients.

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Looking For Temporary Chillers and Boilers? Contact Us for Rapid Solutions!

Temporary Cooling Solutions

Here at rapid chiller rentals limited, temporary cooling hire and lease in Manchester is what we do. Providing both temporary commercial & industrial process chillers, from 10 kW to 1000 kW and beyond. Portable air con and other portable devices are also available. Contact one of our rental experts today to get your quotation.

Why Hire?

Perhaps a chiller breakdown emergency? or you just need extra cooling to support a compressor failure during repairs to equipment you already have on site?another reason could be your chillers are getting older and just aren’t coping with the cooling load during high summer temperatures. We also provide data center cooling.

Chiller hire northwest

You will find what you need here!
We’re privately owned and independent so can source from more places, ensuring what you want, when you want, at a competitive rate! Rapid chillers pride ourselves on delivering a complete temporary chiller hire service to our customers and contractors and our motto of “quality, safety & passion” ensure customers keep coming back to us.

Our sales & cooling engineers are experts at providing the right advice fast. What you need, when you need it, at a price you can afford.

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Our Recent Projects

Our service history consists of 100% successfully completed projects, no matter the magnitude of the job. Take a look at our past projects.

Hiring includes Installation Service & Maintenance!

Running a manufacturing process chiller plant is expensive! Buying it is only the beginning. Inspection, service and maintenance are all included in your monthly hire costs!

Temporary chiller hire options are available in as little as 24 hours and are tailored to your specific business needs. We’ll start with your requirements and create a plan for installation and commissioning, all you do is raise the order!
When you’re happy the work is complete and you no longer need our equipment, call us and we simply take it back! Couldn’t be easier!

We know there are no shortcuts in process engineering, so we partner with you to ensure our expertise and experience maximise the return for you, your business and your customers. 

Passion, quality and safety!

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