HVAC, HVACR & Iref Cooling

Rental is a service, this service can be called to action in a variety of ways, and not always by the people who will ultimately benefit from it’s installation. Contracting business’s are often first to contact a rental specialist, below is some of the customers we support and why.

Industrial refrigeration’s net value exceeds billions in the UK its importance cannot be ignored or underestimated.

We founded Rapid Chillers in order to support that key industry sector and their customers. Year on year the growth in this sector provides real indications of the need for reliable cold chain storage, warehousing, and distributions networks here in the UK.

Our geography and climate mean that it is very difficult for us to produce all our own food, meaning we rely heavily on imports from the EU and surrounding economies to support our food and beverage industry. Perishable stock nearly always requires some form of refrigeration equipment to maintain its shelf life and prevent bacterial infestation.

HVAC Supply Chain

The term IRef is an abbreviation meaning Industrial refrigeration, the plant manufactured, supplied, and serviced by IRef contracting companies.

Other terms used in the industry are HVAC, this stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, and HVAC-R the same but with the addition of Refrigeration on the end.

Industrial refrigeration engineers work to a code of practices regulated under F-Gas. ( Fluorinated gases )

The overall aim of F-Gas regulations is to reduce and contain emissions to atmosphere by using responsible refrigeration practices. These regulations include Better containment of F-gases in their applications.

Recovery of F-gases from products and equipment reaching their end of life alongside that the health and wellbeing of operators and risks associated with leaks and leak detection.

Without these regulations the likelihood of a serious incident is greatly increased.

Experts in the Industry work on, handle and maintain these gasses on a daily basis. A few examples of industry leading experts include.

Whats is HVAC?

HVAC is the abbreviation used to describe a sector service provider that works on Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning products. It does not mean that provider does both heating and cooling, it simply refers to the sector.

Commercial & Industrial Refrigeration

The term HVACR is an extension of the sector term HVAC meaning Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning, the “R” on the end represents Refrigeration. HVACR.

What are the difference’s between Commercial & Industrial cooling

Refrigeration is a category broken into two very different sub categories, commercial refrigeration and industrial refrigeration. The applications and equipment used in each of these sub-categories is very different. The term IRef is often used to shorten Industrial refrigeration, lower temperatures usually associated with the manufacturing sector for process cooling. Whereby the commercial cooling equivalent tends to work in very rigid parameters providing comfort cooling, air conditioning and data center cooling.

Rapid Chillers offer several very bespoke services to our contracting customer base, these include:


We have also provided boiler hire services to aid in defrosting and desiccant dryer hire to help reduce humidity to reduce ice build up on coils during periods of high residual humidity (RH)


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