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A proven alternative to short term or longer term rental, or a large CAPEX outlay, are our bespoke lease deals of between 3-5 years, with inclusive 24/7 warranty and support

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Chiller Lease Manchester

Rapid Chiller Rentals Ltd are the leading chiller leasing and rental company in Manchester. We offer a wide range of chiller rental solutions which can be tailored to meet your specific needs, this includes temporary chiller rentals as well as chiller breakdown emergency services. Whether you are looking for a short term chiller lease or long term chiller lease agreement, our experienced team will help you find the right solution for your business.

Commercial Chiller Lease Services From Rapid Chiller Rentals

We offer a wide range of commercial chiller leases for your business. At Rapid Chiller Rentals Limited we can provide you with the best chiller and refrigeration rentals for your specific needs and budget. With our extensive experience in the air conditioning industry, we are able to offer you different types of temporary chillers to suit all budgets and requirements.

Your chiller will be delivered and installed by our experienced engineers who will ensure that everything is set up correctly before they leave. If there is an issue with your chiller at any time after installation then we will send out one of our engineers to resolve it as quickly as possible. When you choose Rapid Chiller Rentals you can trust that you’ll be in our safe and capable hands, we have a fantastic reputation for the temporary commercial chiller rental we provide. For more information, get in touch with our rental experts today.

Our Customers Include:

– Property Management Companies

– Hotels

– Restaurants

– Schools/Universities

– Business Centres

We offer a wide range of chilled systems, from small chiller systems suitable for single room offices or laboratories through to large multi-rack systems for factories and warehouses. We have extensive experience with all types of cooling solutions including air cooled chillers, water cooled chillers, direct expansion chillers and indirect evaporative coolers.

Our expert staff are on hand to offer advice on all aspects of chiller leasing including finding the right sized unit for your building, installing the equipment and providing ongoing support throughout the life of your lease agreement.

Temporary Cooling Hire

If you are looking for a new chiller, then there are several reasons why leasing may be more beneficial than buying outright. The main benefit of leasing is that it allows you to avoid large up-front costs and get straight into using the equipment without having to wait for funds from investors or banks. You can also avoid maintenance costs by hiring an engineer who will come out regularly and service your equipment for you so that it runs smoothly at all times. For more information on how to lease chillers from Rapid Chiller Rentals Limited, call our team today.

Chiller leasing is a flexible way to purchase a chiller in Manchester. We offer a range of models and sizes that can meet your needs and our services include industrial process chillers as well as long lease chillers and portable devices. There are many benefits to leasing including:

Flexible Payment Plans

No capital outlay – you don’t need to put down any money upfront, we simply take the cost of your lease payment each month as a credit against your overall spend. Our experts will work with you to find the right option for your business’ needs

Low upfront costs – you don’t need to pay for any installation costs or maintenance charges; this means that there are no unexpected expenses or hidden costs when it comes to buying or leasing from us.

Why Choose Rapid Chiller Rentals Ltd?

We at Rapid chillers offer a wide range of chillers to suit any business. Our team of experts will help you find the right solution for your needs. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service. We have a wide range of chillers available for rent, hire or purchase. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible service, we can help you find a suitable chiller rental solution for your business. You can call or email us for advice about choosing the right equipment for your business.

  • We offer the most competitive pricing in the market.
  • Our service is fast and efficient. We can have your chiller delivered to you within 24 hours of ordering.
  • Our team of experienced engineers are on hand to help you with any questions or queries you may have.

We offer a wide range of cooling solutions including:

  • Chiller Hire
  • Chiller Sales
  • Chiller Rental

Contact Rapid Chiller Rentals

Rapid Chiller Rentals in Manchester is a leading rental company that offers its customers with the latest range of chiller equipment. We also provide a wide range of services such as repair and maintenance, installation, and consultancy. Our team of experienced engineers has in-depth knowledge about the latest technology used in the industry. We are equipped to handle all types of chiller equipment.

If you’re looking for an efficient and reliable chiller, look no further. We provide our customers with high quality rapid chillers and other products at reasonable prices. Our chillers are easy to operate and are very user-friendly. You can easily find the ideal chiller for your application by browsing through our website or calling us at 0161 523 3933.

We also provide boiler hire services.

2-5 Year Lease Deals What To Expect 

This service is available for credit customers that are looking to spread the cost of a Chiller purchase over a longer period of time. There is no obligation to buy, and terms are made flexible to suit each customer.

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