Pharmaceutical Cooling

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Air Cooled & Water Cooled Chiller Hire

Due to unprecedented demand in recent years the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry has been the sector that many of us have relied on without knowing it, from research and development in new and innovative drugs promoting healthier lives to the amazing work during the COVID 19 vaccination. The process of drug manufacture does rely heavily on cooling, both in storage and manufacture.

How does chiller hire help Pharmaceutical manufacturing?

How do we work

We support the sector managers, enable them to plan contingency, scale production in hot climates, fund R&D programs, and without the need for large capital expenditure.

The easy way to start

     1. Plan – Disaster Recovery & Contingency planning
     2. Learn – What impact would a cooling failure present your business
     3. Revise – Set a time to review your plans
     4. Partner – Chose the right team to help you succeed



“Summer was bearable in a lovely cool office! Thank you so much!”

“Amazing service. From finding you guys to installed and running in eye watering speed, fantastic service!”

“Great solution. Steve you are a real asset, and we’re lucky we found you!

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