Chiller Contingency Planning Service

Temporary Chiller Hire

Chiller Hire is a fast and effective way to secure long, and short term cooling equipment Quickly.

Contingency Plan Services

Chiller, Boiler and Power Recovery Planning for when you need it most!

Temporary Boiler Hire

Boiler Hire is a fast and effective way to secure long, and short term heating equipment Quickly.

What is a Contingency plan?

Air-cooled Chillers and water-cooled chillers form an integral part of any process. This inevitably means, if the chiller is not functioning correctly the process is not optimised, and more importantly valuable energy is being wasted.

Chiller contingency planning forms a major part of a robust disaster recover plan. Think of it as a “what if” assessment, this should be conducted regularly to ensure the risks associated with climate related stoppages, are understood. An emergency hire chiller is normally a small price comparably!

“He who fails to plan is planning to fail”
Winston Churchill
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Temporary Chiller Hire

In the event your business experiences a chiller breakdown resulting in a loss of critical cooling, we can supply robust solution now.

Professional Service

No matter your temporary chiller hire requirements , our engineers offer friendly and expert advice, in line with current F-Gas legislation and best practices for rental applications.


Our Air-cooled Chiller Sales professionals are trained to the highest industry standard to offer you the best possible Chiller Hire & Boiler Hire Solutions.

Temporary Boiler Hire

In the event your business experiences a hot water boiler breakdown resulting in a loss of critical heating, we can supply a robust and energy efficient boiler hire solution now.

Chiller Contingency
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Chiller Contingency
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Chiller Contingency Plans

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Chiller Contingency Services

Industrial Process Cooling

Industrial process chiller hire for all manufacturing and HVAC applications. Available today for emergency dispatch or a planned shutdown, all delivered to your door and installed by our friendly engineers.

Temporary Cold Room

Providing rental terms which are customed to meet your specific business requirements. All refrigerated controlled containers are capable of precisely controlling temperatures between -35°c up to +30°c and are normally supplied in 20 foot containers.

Storage & Distribution

Since the announcment of BREXIT the UK storage & Distribution sector has been concentrating on refrigerated cold and chill room storage space. Rental can provide perfect conditions, faster, in a scaleble size to meet even the most complex needs.

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