PFM Article On UK Passport Issue Delays


Chiller hire enabled the UK Passport and Immigration offices in Sheffield to continue to operate despite sissling summer temperatures…

Temporary short-term hire of two 500kW chillers from Rapid Chiller Rentals Limited provides 1.2meggawatt of essential cooling. The chiller hire package maintained optimum temperatures within the building during a record summer at the UK Passport and Immigration offices in Sheffield, a leading provider of passports across the region.

This action prevented the staff on site being sent home and causing immense disruption to the already pressured passport issue services in the UK. The call was received at 9am with the demanded for immediate attention and by 12 noon the same day a quotation had been supplied along with a detailed design and risk assessment.


Due to the record heat of summer 2022 the decision was taken by the UK government that action needed to be taken to quickly restore cooling to the building and hire is a great way of doing this on a temporary basis.

The equipment was delivered and installed in a very tight space and incorporated the full engagement of all mechanical and electrical contractors to reposition power cables, enable connections to the building and all in the summer heat!

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