Contingency Planning Not Disaster Recovery from Rapid Chiller Rentals

"Contingency or Disaster at Work Today Dear"?

1 in 10 Bosses plan Great Damage or Loss of Life at Work?

When you get home after work are you asked these kind of questions from your better half?

The lack of planning will bring about failure in a modern work place. The way we produce our modern world is so inter connected, that we need it all to work right the first time, or things don’t fall into place.

The dictionary term for disaster is  “a sudden accident or a natural catastrophe that causes great damage or loss of life”.

Plan Your way out of Disaster before it happens.

My Boss took the whole team out for Lunch after a near Disaster, Because we had Contingency Plans in place.

Not too long a go a problem happened, a remote supplier problem, outside of works control, which stopped the whole company. This was very serious, we were not able to preform any work tasks, the business had ground to a halt.

The problem was not of our making and we had no control over the time or how it  would be corrected.

We had Contingency Plans in place.

Because we had the forethought to look at what we needed to do to over come this kind of problem. We had build in redundancy and resilience in to our systems.

All we had to do was enact our plans to get the business into a situation, where we were able to negate the issues the problem had brought about.

Our Plans had a list of people we would need to call, a list of tasks to overcome the loss of production.

What to check, and How we could correct the problem.

The Solutions we can apply.

Making you life easier at Work.

Contingency Planning saves the day

" You have an Easy Life at Work Dear "

We were not out of the woods, not being fully back to normal.
We were able to inform people of our situation. Management could be told of our actions to restore normal practices. Customers were kept informed of our progress.
Suppliers provided the necessary support to rectify their services and return us back to normal business with acceptable timescales.

Contingency Planning Team Thank You Pizza

Get it right before you Go Home!

This Solution for us was to Plan for this Contingency!
Result the Disaster never happened,

Because we were able to manage expectations from all the stakeholders of the business. Correct Operational tasks to maintain business. Activate our Supplier Chain to respond exactly as we needed them too. Influence Public perception of how we were dealing with this process.

What was The cost?
The time to plan.
and a team building Meal
to say Thanks for" for a job well done".

Plan Your Actions Before a Disaster

Go Home with your Success Story to Tell.
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