PFM Article on UK passport issue delays

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UK passport issue & delays are in the Press New Press article from PFM Online Magazine. Telling the Story of how “We were able to save the day”. PFM is a magazine and website that offers the hottest news and in-depth industry insights for professionals working in facilities management. Premises & Facilities Management Article:- Rapid […]

What is De-Rate and Delta T

What is Dee rate and Delta T | Rapid Chiller Rentals

What is Delta-T Delta T is the expression used in the HVAC and HVACR industries, to determine the difference between return fluid temperature and delivery fluid temperature, within a conventional heating or cooling system. Delta-T is easily discernible by its Greek symbol ΔT.  Δ is the 4th letter in the Greek alphabet also a mathematical […]

Contingency Planning Saves the Day

Contingency Planning Not Disaster Recovery from Rapid Chiller Rentals

“Contingency or Disaster at Work Today Dear”? 1 in 10 Bosses plan Great Damage or Loss of Life at Work? When you get home after work are you asked these kind of questions from your better half? The lack of planning will bring about failure in a modern work place. The way we produce our […]

We’ll be at Chillventa 2022

A must see chance to touch tomorrow’s technology! International gathering of refrigeration, AC, ventilation and heat pump experts Rapid Chillers Rental’s will be there to represent the UK and network with thought leading experts No other trade fair worldwide can rival Chillventa for its comprehensive overview of refrigeration, AC, ventilation and heat pump technology. Its […]

Get up to 25% off Chiller hire

Dry Air Chiller from Rapid Chiller Rentals Ltd.

Chiller Hire & Dry Air Cooler Hire in Winter 25% Discounts available for a limited time  As an introductory offer we are offering our customers the option to hire our dry air coolers and chillers for a limited time  on a discounted rate. Terms apply and this is open to new customers only. If you […]

HVAC Liverpool

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning in Liverpool Liverpool is a city with half a million inhabitants and approximately 75,000 businesses. The HVAC sector is the second largest in the UK with the Wirral hosting several of the large Industrial refrigeration and air conditioning contractors.  If you are looking for temporary cooling in Liverpool, click here […]

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

Its with greatest sadness we say goodbye to our Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The real Queen of hearts Our Queen, champion of all, enemy of none. Your dutiful service and tireless efforts bought immense pride the people over whom you reigned. You elevated the United Kingdom onto the Global stage and held it there for […]

What is the coldest temperature?

Absolute zero is coldest it can ever be. This is a mind bending -273.15 degrees Celsius. Also known as zero degrees Kelvin. Heat is present in all low temperatures until you reach this point. This is why heat pump technology can produce heat in seemingly cold conditions.

What Does HVACR stand for?

HVACR what does it actually mean? The term HVACR is an extension on the term HVAC, this stands for Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, the “R”  on the end represents Refrigeration.

How does water cool you down?

Water is natures best refrigerant! Water is great at removing heat through evaporation. water on the surface of your skin quickly absorbs heat in order to evaporate back into the surrounding air. The absorption of this heat creates a cooling effect on your skin as heat energy is taken from your body!  Sweat, does the […]