Air Cooled Chiller RCAC CGAX 40-165 kW

RCAC-CGAX-40-165-kW Air Cooled Chillers Hire from Rapid Chiller Rentals

Cooling capacity: 40 – 165 kW

  • Compact: reduced footprint and low-profile design
  • Optimized for R454B low GWP refrigerant and high seasonal efficiency
  • Proven reliability with microchannel condenser coils
  • Low sound levels with no compromise on efficiency
  • Wide operating map for comfort and process applications
  • Single and/or dual circuit

The best value chiller

Comfort, efficiency and economy are primary concerns when selecting HVAC equipment for your building. Conquest chillers combine high performance and proven reliability in a compact and affordable design, delivering maximum value.

CGAX can cool your building all year round, whether the outdoor air temperature is -18°C or +46°C.

Optimized for high seasonal efficiency

We developed the Conquest range to optimize your Total Cost of Ownership. As units used for comfort applications rarely operate at their nominal capacity, the design has been optimized for part load operation. For operation below 5°C outdoor air temperature, the unit is equipped with variable speed driven AC fans (required option) to dynamically modulate the airflow and optimize efficiency.


The Conquest range is available in 14 sizes. Units are available with single and/or dual circuit (on 90-165 kW range), and a choice of two acoustic packages being Standard Noise or Low Noise (with no loss of energy efficiency).

Technical Specifications

Cooling capacity

  • 40-165 kW

Heating capacity

  • N/A

Eurovent certification

  • YES

ErP Certification

  • YES

Cooling Specifications


  • Scroll


  • R454B | R410A

Energy saving

  • Heat Recovery

Operating mode

  • Cooling Only

Data protocols

  • Lonmark

Unit type

  • Air-to-water

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